Please teach me maximize my pc speed on a game

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My PC is kind of slow in terms of my processor, and I don't have the money to improve it. Anyways, I want to play a game but it requires I guess a better processor than what I have been using. Please teach me how to focus my PC speed max in a certain program. Thanks!

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Please teach me maximize my pc speed on a game


Certain games require upgrading or latest processor to run flawlessly and until you make it upgraded, can't be able to play games like the one you've mentioned above. 

Alternatively, you can try playing low graphics games or which will run on old processor as well. 

Good Luck though.

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Please teach me maximize my pc speed on a game



Download Advanced System Care. This application provides you with various tools for improving the performance of your computer. But there is one tool which you absolutely need, and that is Turbo mode. This mode will shut down all unnecessary processes, and your hardware power will be concentrated on your gaming. This way more power will be used on games rather than on background processes.


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Please teach me maximize my pc speed on a game


You can still play games on your computer even if your machine is not that fast. As long as your computer meets the requirements of the game, you can play it. To improve the performance of your computer when playing a game, you need to clean your computer from unwanted files like temporary files, deleted files in the Recycle Bin, browser cache, and other trash.

These files accumulate on your computer and it consumes space. Cleaning them up will help free up some space on your hard drive. Aside from eating up space on your hard drive, these files add to the fragmentation of the drive and when your drive is heavily fragmented, it slows down processing decreasing the machine’s performance.

To remove junk files out of your computer, download the free version of CCleaner and install it. Once installed, start CCleaner and clean your system. After this, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it. Once installed, start PC Tools then go to “Privacy” tab and run the following tools:

  • Clear Your Windows History
  • Clear Your Browsing History
  • Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces

Next, go to “Performance” tab and click “Clean Your Registry.” Make sure “Complete Registry Scan” is selected then click “Start Scan” to begin scanning and then follow the instructions. Next, still in “Performance” tab, click “Compact Your Registry” then click “Start” and then follow the instructions. After booting, start PC Tools again then go back to “Performance” tab and then click “Defragment Disks.”

Select drive C among the list of drives then make sure “Deep Defragmentation” is selected and then click “Start” to begin defragging your system drive. This will take time depending on the size of the drive and the amount of data. Your computer’s performance should improve after this.

Now, when playing a game, try to disable your antivirus temporarily before starting the game. This will further improve the performance of the computer. If you want to convert CCleaner to Pro, download the codes and follow the instructions.

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