HP G60 Computer is dead: MOBO Fried

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I woke up this morning and met the unexpected, my laptop was completely dead! The previous night everything worked ok, i never experienced anything strange until i logged off.

I first thought that the there was a problem with the battery because pressing the power button did nothing, no lighting no signal, everything was dead and quiet. I borrowed a friend’s battery who had the same model, his battery did not worked on my PC but mine did on his, so the problem was not the battery.

I checked on power and the power code, they were both alright. I removed the power supply and took it to our school computer lab technician who tested it and told me there was no voltage on the 5v plug. I bought a new plug, connected it but nothing worked.

I took the whole laptop to him; he examined it and told me i have to replace the motherboard. I cant afford a new motherboard right now. Can there be a way to repair the PC? I have tried to check on the internet for tutorials and ideas but found nothing of help. I am using HP G60, running on windows 7 home premium.

Please help me guys. I will be grateful of any idea or suggestion.


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HP G60 Computer is dead: MOBO Fried


Hi Davis Miller,

Your laptop is absolutely dead and you are seeking any help or suggestion regarding you problem. The following troubleshooting tips and these work for most laptops. I hope this will help.

Most of us know that when you plug in the power adapter and press the power button, there should be usual noises, LED will light up, the fan will start spinning. In reverse scenario if all these things are not happening … In short, the laptop is absolutely dead. What you can do in this scenario?

1. Make sure the wall outlet is working and the laptop DC adapter is getting power from the outlet. If not, try another outlet.

2. Test the DC power adapter of the laptop with a multi tester.

3. If all steps 1 and 2 is fine/ok . In this case unplug the power adapter from the laptop, remove the laptop battery and try to wait for 1 to 3 minutes, plug the adapter and turn on the laptop again.

Still the problem exist. Laptop is dead.

4. Replace the DC adapter with a new one and have to follow this rule.

5. The voltage output on you new adapter has to be exactly the same as on the original adapter. The ampere rating on the new adapter should be the same.

Still nothing helps and the laptop is still dead.

6. It's possible the DC power jack is broken and the motherboard is not getting any power form the adapter. In this case, try to disassemble the laptop and replace the power jack. This is the link for a guide to repair power jack.


Still laptop is dead.

7. Apparently you technician is correct the motherboard is fried


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HP G60 Computer is dead: MOBO Fried


I am sorry to say this but your laptop is really dead there might be some burned parts inside that causes it not to start anymore. I won't give you any suggestion to fix but rather suggest that you bring it to the nearest HP service center or shops that has certification to fix HP laptops to reassess your problem.

You can also buy new one, but just like what you said you don't have any budget to buy a new one. So you have to save money to buy a new one or buy a PC which is much cheaper.

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