Please help me on how to install application

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Hi there,
I have an installation problem here and it really bugs me because I have tried installing it a hundred times yet it is always ends up unsuccessful.   The program I want to install is  
Here under is the error message.
atSystem.IO.Directory.GetFiles(String path, String searchPattern)
at PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.FileSystem..cctor() in D:srcpdnpdn_35xsrcSystemLayerFileSystem.cs:line 506
— End of inner exception stack trace —
atPaintDotNet.SystemLayer.FileSystem.TryDeleteFile(String filePath)
at PaintDotNet.Setup.InstallingPage.<DoInstallation>d__21.MoveNext() in D:srcpdnpdn_35xsrcSetupFrontEndInstallingPage.cs:line 930
at PaintDotNet.Threading.IterativeTask.IterativeTaskAnon.<OnExecute>d__0.MoveNext() in D:srcpdnpdn_35xsrcCoreThreadingIterativeTask.cs:line 36
at PaintDotNet.Threading.IterativeTask`1.<>c__DisplayClass1.<StepTask>b__0() in D:srcpdnpdn_35xsrcCoreThreadingIterativeTask`1.cs:line 77
Please help me on how to install this application. Thank you very much to whoever can assist me with this.
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Please help me on how to install application



Paint.NET requires the .NET framework to function. I hope your Paint.NET installs .Net framework as a part of the installation. Please check and make sure. Find below the installation process:

1. Double click the compressed folder to open it.

2. Now double click the file to run the installer.

3. Preferably choose the 'Quick' from the two installation options.

4. Agree the terms and conditions.

5. Now click finish to exit the installer and lunch Paint.NET.


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