Please give me an overview of VESA’s Display Port 1.4a

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What is the difference between Display Port 1.4a and Display Port 1.3a? What is Multi-SST operation which is added on Display Port 1.4a? What is Display Stream Compression (DSC) and why is it used?  Does it reduce power consumption, screen thickness, and allow for greater display flexibility? How is the segmented panel display designed?  Thank You

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Please give me an overview of VESA’s Display Port 1.4a


Hello Sidney!

1. Multi-SST Operation – allows the four high-speed Embedded Display Port (eDP) data lanes within the eDP boundary to be divided up for two or four independent panel sectors.

2. Display Stream Compression (DSC) – allows new segmented panel display architecture and optimizes/improves panel resolution support to up to 8K.

The Display Port 1.4a reduces power consumption, optimizes screen displays, and provides better display flexibility. The difference between 1.4a and 1.3 a Display port is that it delivers faster resolution and feedback throughput in display. DisplayPort 1.4a provides clearer and brighter display and cost effective with power consumption.

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