Please answer about photo 3D printer

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Hello, I want news something about world first 3D printer. I know about little but want to know more informations. Is 3D printer scanned also? Can I print any document to 3D? How many USB ports are there? Can I connect this to any smart phone? Is there cloud printing option? Is there any facility of  Auto-duplexing and Automatic document feeder (ADF)?

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Please answer about photo 3D printer


Hello Juan!

3D Printing is the process of using additive objects to create any solid shape 3D object. This is based on continuous layers laid down on different shapes.

The first 3D printer that was published was made by Hideo Kodama of Nagoya Municipal Research Institute in 1982. The first working 3D printer was created/developed by Charles W. Hull of 3D Systems Corporation in 1984. As of this moment 3D printers costs $20,000 three years ago and now we can buy it for roughly $1,000 per printer.

In printing objects, we must lay down layers to create the 3D dimensional aspects of the object we are intending to print. A flat object like a document cannot be printed in 3Dimensional only if we can capture the X, Y, Z aspects of the object. We can use different software to produce 3D objects. It will not be created a life-size object but a miniature size that a 3D printer can allow. We can use the CubeX as widely used 3D software to produce 3D objects out of plain flat polygon objects.

An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is an all-in-one device that can print, fax, and photocopy multiple documents without replacing the pages. There are two types of this feeder, the Reverse ADF that only scans one side of the document and Duplex ADF that scans both sides of the document. In MakerBot 3D printer we have 1 USB port capable to be connected with 3.0 and 2.0 versions.

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