Play Linux OS; Is it going to be the best among all?

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What is Play Linux OS? Is it going to be a 'must have' for gamers? What are the developers doing to bid farewell to Windows OS? By the end of this year, is each and every gamer going to get rid of dual booting his system among Linux and Windows in order to play games?

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Play Linux OS; Is it going to be the best among all?



Play Linux OS is a Linux distro that’s designed for gaming purpose. It’s highly customized Linux edition for playing games including games from Steam, Desura etc. It’s a special Linux that enables gamers have a free OS.

Though it supports many Windows apps with the power of WINE, Winetricks and PlayOnLinux, it can’t support all the modern games, actually because those are developed with very powerful, enhanced SDK and Microsoft’s DirectX is improving day by day.

The best OS for gaming is Windows, no doubt. Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 gives the best performance of gaming. Linux can’t give that much flexibility that DirectX enables developers to deploy in their games – taking direct advantage of the hardware and run at real time with HD graphics.

Coding is different for Windows and Linux platform. On Windows, Microsoft provides a game development SDK called DirectX where Linux doesn’t; it just can emulate its files. So, many games are for Windows platform only. Though developers are creating game for Linux, that’s on limited edition.

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