PKIX path building failed in Java application

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Hi Pro,

When I try to download a video from an authorized website, I got this error message. I do not understand why I got this error. Is my antivirus software is not allowing me download any video? Do I need to change any settings in that? Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks.


Security Warning

The publisher cannot be verified by a trusted source. Code will be treated as unsigned.

Name: DBsignUWS

ValidatorException: PKIX path validation failed: Wrong key usage

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PKIX path building failed in Java application


This is not an actual error, but rather a warning. You are being warned by your Java installation that an applet is not signed and the publisher could not be verified. The cause of this problem in the latest update of Java itself, which treats all unsigned applets as untrusted. Right now, you have the option to click "OK" and still execute it, but in an upcoming version of Java, these applets will be automatically blocked.

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