Pivot viewer error – Silverlight Application Code 1001

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Hello TehyV buddies!

I am having some issue using pivot viewer. I am a bit new to this so I am still learning slowly the ins and outs of this program. On the process of learning, I have encountered a problem about an error that keeps on popping whenever the pivot viewer loads a collection. The error is this:

Line: 56

Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application Code: 1001

Category: DownloadError


This error only happens when I try to load an item with an image on it. The error doesn’t come out when I skip it and continue to work and deploy IIS server. Can anyone tell me why does this happen? I maybe have some bug issue here or virus maybe. So please help me. Thank you!

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Pivot viewer error – Silverlight Application Code 1001


Hello Minty,

The error you are getting seems to be most likely due to an exception that is thrown only when the Frame is measured using an infinite size. The following workaround should help you resolve the issue:

  • You will need to set the width as well as the height to the Frame control
  • or alternatively you can choose to replace the StackPanel that it is hosted in with a Grid panel.

After that you can log in with the PITS that allows you to monitor the process of the application.

Hope this work-around works for you.



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