“PIP Has Caused an Error” or “PIP caused an invalid page fault”

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I got the following errors. What should I do now?

Please help me to solve it.

Thanks a lot.

PIP Has Caused an Error" or "PIP caused an invalid page fault


This program has performed an illegal operation                    Close

and will be shut down.

If the problem persists, contact the program

vendor.                                                                                     Details

PIP caused an invalid page fault in

module USER.EXE at 0003:0000292a.


EAX=1c9e16d7     CS=17cf     EIP=0000292a       EFLGS=00000202

EBX=00672358     SS=3867    ESP=00008b78     EBP=00008bee

ECX=bfc00001      DS=16d7     ESI=00002358     FS=0e17

EDX=7ce46007     ES=0def     EDI=0002a194      GS=0000

Bytes at CS :EIP :

67 8b 47 46 eb 02 8b c7 89 46 fe 66 ff 76 14 50

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“PIP Has Caused an Error” or “PIP caused an invalid page fault”


Hello  Bridget,

The error you are getting usually occurs when the explorer file, Explorer.exe is located in a root folder on the primary hard drive of your computer.

To resolve it, you will need to do the following:

  1. You will need to boot the computer to the Startup menu,  and after that you will click Command Prompt Only. You will have to boot the computer in safe mode.
  2. And then you will type the following at the command prompt: ren c:explorer.exe explorer.old
  3. After that press Enter, and then restart your computer.
  4. That should fix the issue.



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