Pins with a small circular connector and their purpose

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Expansion buses, hard disk and other computer devices have pins with a small circular connector. with an a clear example, explain what roles this pins and the circular connector play.

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Pins with a small circular connector and their purpose

A pin header, or header in electronics, is a form of electrical connector. It is made up of one or more rows of pins with spacing of 2.54mm apart. In some variations, 2 mm and 1.27mm are used. Terminal lengths and standard pin counts are its major application. The circular connector is a female counterpart of the header pin but without the pin, normally referred to as header connector. Unlike its male counterpart, header connectors are used inside equipment, rather than outside.
8×2 male pin header
Typical usage of pin headers are in ribbon cable connectors (IDE hard disc drives) and recipients for jumpers. Ribbon cable connectors are often used in combination with pin headers with a plastic box around them called box headers or shrouded headers. Nowadays, ribbon cable connectors are used in technologies such as telephone and network plugs.
Ribbon cables

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