Pictures cannot be uploaded in an email

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I have to email containing 50 pictures to my friend. But the album cannot be uploaded. I want to know about the reason why it is not uploading from my Gmail account. Please help.

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Pictures cannot be uploaded in an email


Hello Anam,

Kindly check your picture source. Copying pictures from camera to your personal computer vary to what brand of camera you are using. There is also another way, using your memory card reader and just use the memory card as another drive. Or just simply connect the camera via a cable and copy from the camera.

After file transfer, store it on your hard drive and you can now upload it to your email by attaching the image file one by one through attach option on your mail. Please put in mind that Gmail accepts only a few file formats. The picture you should be uploading needs to be either of these three formats (JPG, GIF or PNG file) only.

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Pictures cannot be uploaded in an email


Hi Anam,

Uploading 50 pictures is a lot! You can upload and attach it one by one using these steps:

How to attach a file:

1. Login to your Gmail account then click Compose.

2. Click on Attach a file and wait until a window pops up.

3. Select the folder where in the pictures are located.

4. Click on Open.

5. Select the picture you want to attach to your mail.

6. Click on Open and it will bring you back to composing a message.

By then, it will display a progress bar to see if the uploading is done. You can cancel an upload by clicking Cancel.

If you do not get an instant file selector, you can click Browse or Choose File then locate the pictures you want to upload and double-click it.

To attach another file, just click on Attach another file or Attach more files then repeat the procedure.

Note that Gmail can only send up to 25 MB of files. For larger files, you can try and compress the whole album or the file then attach it to your email.

To compress a file or folder:

1. Locate the file or folder that you want to compress.

2. Right-click the file or folder.

3. Point to Send To.

4. Click Compressed Folder.

It will be then a .zip file and will be much smaller than the original size of the file or folder.

I hope this would be of help.


Camille B.

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