PHP parse error: parse error in on line 6

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I am using XAMPP software for PHP and MySQL work. Today I install one CMS and create one database in phpMyAdmin now I create one page and when I try to see its output in my browser then I receive this error. I try to remove this error again and again but I can’t get success please any one tell me its solution how can I remove this error.

PHP parse error: parse error in on line 6



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PHP parse error: parse error in on line 6


That is an error in the PHP code and it may be caused by a number of reasons, some of which are the following:

  • You have a hanging loop in the code. You will need to check at line 6 as the error message states and see if you have not included a closing bracket like the following, }. Whenever you open a loop you must make sure that you close it at the end to avoid getting errors.
  • Also check that you have not used wrong spelling at line 6, which will result to syntax errors. In case there are any you will need to rectify them.
  • Also check for logical errors in the statements you have used. Those are errors due to statements that do not make sense.

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