Photoshop CS5 Error When Opening: OWL

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When opening Photoshop CS5 I always receive this error:

 Orphanage: Photoshop.exe – Entry Point Not Found Photo Shop (PS CS5) start concept issue: OWL Orphanage: Illustrator.exe  Admittance mark is not located, I obtain fault concept: The method admittance level ONPreviewOverlayCreate cannot be found in the active URL archives ONImaging.dll.

Following I closed Photoshop then tried it again but I still have that error. I am using Windows 7 32-bit.

How do I solve that issue?

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Photoshop CS5 Error When Opening: OWL


Dear User,

It seems that the version of Photoshop you installed in your pc, isn’t installed properly,

Rather than closing and re opening the same Installed version, please try,

Uninstalling Photoshop from your pc and reinstalling it.

Make sure

1.   The version of Photoshop is 32bit

2.    And you have met all the requirements when installing.

3.    And once the installation is completed, please check that you have successfully installed it before clicking the finish button.

Thank you.  

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Photoshop CS5 Error When Opening: OWL


When Photoshop throws an error about “Entry Point Not Found”, it is mostly related to a missing or corrupt DLL file which can happen if you installed a third-party plug-in for Photoshop. If the error message says something about “Entry Point Not Found” or is mentioning a missing DLL file, try disabling the plug-ins for Photoshop. To do this, exit Adobe Photoshop.

Press and hold the SHIFT key then start Photoshop. Click “Yes” when you are prompted with “Skip loading optional and third-party plug-ins?” See if Photoshop loads successfully after this. If Photoshop loads successfully, uninstall the plug-in you previously installed before the problem happened. You can follow the uninstall instructions provided by the plug-in publisher.

If the plug-in doesn’t include a guide on how to remove it, you can remove its folder to disable the plug-in. Start Windows Explorer then navigate to “C:Program FilesAdobe[Photoshop version]Plug-Ins”. Exit Photoshop then move the folder of the plug-in you previously installed to a different location in your hard drive. After this, start Photoshop again and see if it works.

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