PhotoPlus X3 Doesn’t run in Normal user

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Hello, I am new on this forum and need your help. I am concerned about other users who have posted same threads with quite similar problem and I went through them with great care. After reading those threads, I got a new kind of problem which is stated below

Same like other users, my PhotoPlus X3 was not running after a bad computer shutdown and Windows disc repair. My operating system is Windows Vista. After attempting the un-installation and re-installation PhotoPlus, I got the same problem.

Then I changed the date of Windows to a date before that bad shutdown, but also I am failed. Every time I am getting this error message 'Abnormal Program Termination'.

According to one of the other threads where they mentioned that editing the registry and re-installing the software could be a solution. I went for it and used my Admin user to use the solution technique.

I tried to load PhotoPlus before that and somehow it worked!! After that I moved back to my normal user and again received the same message 'Abnormal Program Termination'.

In my PC there is a user I always keep for visitors if they like to use my computer and PhotoPlus was also working on that user mode. But I am unable to get it run on my normal user.

So it is obvious that the PhotoPlus software is running perfectly on my machine, but not working for only one user. What could be the reason behind it? Can anyone suggest me something and what could be the procedure to get it running on my normal user mode?

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PhotoPlus X3 Doesn’t run in Normal user


Maybe there is a problem in the manner you installed it on your machine. If your computer is configured for different users or you created another user besides you so that others can also use your computer, then you need to install the program using the proper user account.

Since your computer is configured to be used by other users, every time you install a program or any applications, log in using the administrator account and do the installation there.

Then after the installation, just create a shortcut for the other users. If ever you mistakenly installed an application under a different user account and not with the administrator account, the same problem you are having right now will happen.

It’s as if the application is only installed on the other user but not on your own user account.

Try fixing the problem by logging in to the user account where PhotoPlus X3 works and then uninstall it there. After its removal, log off or restart the computer then log in using your administrator account.

After logging in with your administrator account, install PhotoPlus X3 there and then try using it afterwards. If it already works, just log on back to the other user account and create a shortcut there for PhotoPlus X3.

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