“Personalize” option missing from the dropdown menu.

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I have just gotten my laptop pre installed with Windows 7 Home premium.

The desktop wallpaper is the standard blue one with the Windows sign on it.

But when I tried to change it I couldn't find the personalize button in order to do so.

I'm not sure if I just don't know where it is, or is it actually missing?

If it is missing is there a way of bringing it back.

Also, I'm not sure if other features are missing as well, I'm not able to find, hopefully there aren't any missing.



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“Personalize” option missing from the dropdown menu.


Hello Umren51,

Sorry to disappoint you but your version of Windows 7 is either Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Starter. These OS are meant for Lightweight laptops and are stripped of several functions such as the windows aero, desktop slideshow, and the "personalize" options.

No other features considering cosmetics are missing from your version

If you are a casual computer user these missing features shouldn't be a problem, and you can stick with the starter edition and save some money.

Otherwise,you can upgrade to home premium which has the option "personalize" or ever the ultimate edition which probably contains more stuff in it than you actually need.

Hope this helps,


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“Personalize” option missing from the dropdown menu.


If you really want to have the personalize option on Windows 7, you should just buy the Windows 7 ultimate edition and start upgrading your operating system.

Upgrading it will make sure that all files and kept intact in you PC while the operating system changes to a much upgraded version. To upgrade your operating system:

  1. Insert the Windows 7 Ultimate Edition on your DVD ROM.
  2. When the windows go to the Windows 7 Installer, choose the Install Now.
  3. Just keep moving forward until you are asked to Upgrade or Custom install you computer.
  4. Select Upgrade.
  5. Then just keep moving forward and wait for the setup to finish.

There you have it, a new Windows 7 Ultimate Edition with the Personalize option now available when you right click on the desktop.

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