Personal Review on USB 3.0 and Cables

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Hi all,

I need a personal review on USB 3.0 and cables. I read some review but it seems too overwhelming. I want a review which came from user experience because I am looking for a quality USB 3.0 hub and cable. Thank you in advance.

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Personal Review on USB 3.0 and Cables


Hey there,

 Nice question but actually don’t be too overtly confused as most USB 3.0 controllers function roughly the same. Not much difference in speed is actually noticed by the user unless they use a benchmark tool to assess the difference. Gone are the days when the market was dominated by one controller (NEC) and now a number of companies are producing their own propriety controllers for the title of USB 3.0 king. If you are really particular on speed and performance then I suggest you read the article on this link: Download Link and purchase a motherboard with the best controller. Remember a hub is only as fast as the controller to which it is connected to, so even if you have the fastest hub out there it will only be slowed down by the controller found on your motherboard. As for cables it doesn't really make a difference and usually the difference you see in the various brands of cables out there are mostly marketing.

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