Permanently Stop “upeksvr.exe” Process In Windows

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Is there a way to permanently stop the “upeksvr.exe” from using the RAM and filling up space in runtime memory?

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Permanently Stop “upeksvr.exe” Process In Windows


One way to stop this process from using the RAM is by stopping it from the Windows Task Manager. Follow the steps given below to do so:

Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to open the Windows Task Manager. Navigate to the “Process” pane. Select the “upeksvr.exe” process, right-click on it and select the “end process” button.

The above method will kill the process until the next reboot.

However, the process will start automatically when you restart the system.

If it needs to be stopped permanently and you no longer use the UPEK FIngerprint program, you can uninstall it as follows:

  • Select “uninstall in the “Control Panel”.
  • Select “UPEK Fingerprint Reader”.
  • Click on uninstall.
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Permanently Stop “upeksvr.exe” Process In Windows


The “upeksvr.exe” file is a process belonging to ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software. The file is located in “C:\Program Files\thinkvantage fingerprint software”. You can find this process running on your system if you have a Lenovo computer and you installed the fingerprint software which you can download from the manufacturer’s website or from the Lenovo website.

If your computer is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, you shouldn’t remove this driver because the device or the sensor needs this. The sensor will stop functioning if you uninstall this driver. On the other hand, if you don’t have a fingerprint sensor but you see this running on your computer, uninstall the driver from your computer. Download the free version of Revo Uninstaller and install it.

Once installed, start Revo then select ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software among the applications and click “Uninstall”. Follow the normal uninstall process. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click to restart later. When uninstall is complete, click “Scan” to scan your computer for any leftover files and delete everything it finds. This removes everything the program created on your computer.

When it is finished, close Revo then restart the computer. On the other hand, if you don’t want to uninstall it but you don’t want to see the process running, you can use Process Lasso. Just download and install it. Once installed, start Process Lasso if it is not yet running then look for the “upeksvr.exe” file, right-click it, and select “Disallow process”.

That should do it. Process Lasso starts automatically with Windows. When it detects the process, Process Lasso will block it from starting.

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