Performing Various Operation Using System Center 2012 Operations Manager And Managing.

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What is the use of Operations manager? How can we use the system center 2012 Operations manager and manage the operations?

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Performing Various Operation Using System Center 2012 Operations Manager And Managing.


The uses of the operation manager is that they create and maintain the database and changes that happen in the system and what are all the changes made by the client on the website which we have our server connected. All the changes which are made can be monitored by the Operation manager and this operation manager play a major role in the server management.

To use and work with the system center 2012 operations manager follow these steps:

You need to have installed this thingon your server or PC or whatever you are using:

  1. SQL server 2012.
  2. SQL site and system roles.
  3. Operations manager 2012 pre-requirements.
  4. Operation manager.

These all should be there in your system or the server now follow the following steps to continue:

Step1: Install the SQL server 2012 and configure it well as I’ve said in very first topics.

Step 2: Now update the site and system roles on the same server which will help you in endpoint protection on the server and also to the client.

Step 3: Install the Microsoft system CLR type for SQL server 2012.

Step 4: click on the Install setup and keep on clicking on the next button until the installation is completed and the wizard has to be closed and the installation has successfully completed.

Step 5: Now you need to install Microsoft report viewer 2012.

Step 6: So do the same process as in Step 4.

Step 7: Now you need to open the Operation manager console where we are going to install and use the main use of the operational server.

Step 8: Now open the Operation manager console and click on the Install button.

Step 9: Once you have opened the Operation manager console it will show you some list of application which you want to work with I recommend to select all the options.

Step 10: Now click on the next button It asks you for the file path it will have the default path in the c drive you can keep the same or you can change it up to your wish.

Step 11: Now click on the next button, you will have to give a name to your operation server or if you have one already you can add that. And then click on next button.

Step 12: Now you need to connect your SQL server with your operational server and manager.

Step 13: Now you will be taken to the authentication console and then use mixed authentication.

Step 14: Once you click on the next button you will be taken to the next utility where you need to add your admin server details in the domain row and also mention the password so that the server has to verify that it’s you.

Step 15: Now keep clicking on the next button until you are taken to the final step and the console as to exit and everything is set to ready.

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