Pendrive’s Storage Problem

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Yesterday I bought a new 8 GB Pendrive I inserted into my laptop it shows 7.41 GB After I have seen this my thoughts go like this are we being cheated by manufacturers (or) Lacking storage space being allocated for some other purpose, What could be the real reason behind it?

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Pendrive’s Storage Problem


Computers generally calculate the storage in terms of Binary system which means


1 KB=1024 bytes

1 MB=1024 kilobytes

1 GB=1024 megabytes

But Storage manufacturers are calculating storage in terms of the Decimal system which means 1 KB =1000 bytes, 1 MB=1000 KB, 1GB=1000 MB for them, That’s why our storage shows less space than the advertised one.

Now we realize that manufacturers are not cheating us, we only do not know the real fact behind this.

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