PCI Graphics Card Upgrade Advise Required

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            Assalum u Alaikum to all(it is the way we Muslims Greet Others)</p>

            I am using a 4 year old dell 170L old and I am in a need to upgrade my graphics card for the use of a 3d software blender 3d. I need following functionality in my card.

1.OpenCl or GL whatever it is.


3.GLSL shading

4.Pixel shader support


I am not aware of these terms but the certain features of the above mentioned software requires these functionality. I do not know whether all of these functionality will be available all at once in one graphics card or not but help me out.



I am looking for a low budget card with least memory possible possibly 128mb so that i can buy it without leaving my budget constraints. A little explanation of above mentioned terms could also help me out in finding the right graphics card. I am using Dell 170l pc which has only PCI support

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PCI Graphics Card Upgrade Advise Required


I have tried to explain all the terms you have mentioned. Hope this will be helpful.

OpenCl or Open Computing language is a low-level API. It is used for heterogeneous computing. Using OpenCL you can write computer Kernels.

CUDA is a computing architecture. Using it you can increase the computing performance. it is used for image and video processing.

OpenGL shading is a high level shading language which enables developers to gain direct control of graphic pipeline.

A pixel shader is used to compute color and other attributes of each pixel. Using it you change the depth of the pixel.

There are a lot of graphic cards having all these but they are a little bit costly. You should check some graphic cards of NVIDIA.

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PCI Graphics Card Upgrade Advise Required


Is it a PCI or PCIe? As far as I know it is a PCIe.

To make what your questions needs to be answered shortly and most understandable. All those requirements you have mention are used for video processing. These are all required when you are processing video or 3d images.

By the way, your computer is capable of having these devices. To make sure that your hardware or video card purchasing fits your requirements and it is acceptable or compatible with your hardware, when purchasing the device, bring your computer CPU on the computer store then tell them what you need and they will recommend you what is the best as well as the device and brands that fits your budget. Let them install the device for you so that you will be sure that the device works in your computer.


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