Pc is taking forever to open files/programs

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Hi guys,

I am just bothered about my pc’s performance lately. It is taking me forever to open files and programs like Cad, sketchup and Photoshop. Every time I refresh it the screen will go blank for a while like 5 to 10secs. What seems to be the problem of my pc? I am really looking forward that someone can help me about this issue. I have deadlines to meet and my pc’s performance is making it impossible to finish my work.

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Pc is taking forever to open files/programs




As speeding up as the processor is and as whacking the quantity of RAM you knows installed, it doesn't necessarily intend that everything is feat to pass in a present.


Move of assemblage between apparatus is a narrowing; the way Windows and software is configured can be an additional.


It’s looking like that there is a wait in the comprehension of primarily locating the record. This could be inaccurately organized drives causing a holdup, but it's more prospective to be a software effort.


1. Are Windows located to indicant files on the thrust? If really greatest drawing of files are stored on a get, Windows Indexing can truly slacken down bound gain, more willingly than constant it up! Are files skinny? That would cause a decelerate in accession?

2. Is antivirus software set to scan all files on operation? Yet another, retardation.


You're never going to mortal enter hit become immediately The travel heads get to be touched to item from 'parkland' to right the center for starters. But the hit times could sure be developed and you'll necessity to examine at your software and settings to uncovering what's fastness it imbibe.

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