PC shut down immediately after cold boot

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My PC is 3 years old.

Recently, it shut down immediately after a cold boot. Sometimes it shut down before I could see the Desktop screen.

I have no idea what happened.

Please help me if you could.

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PC shut down immediately after cold boot


Hello dear

I tell them that its some reasons

  • Can have virus by what you have to install a good antivirus.
  • Can check to see if a cable fault is the act as the power button yourself with a small screwdriver. Note that 2 mobo tapers button cord going to pull a cord. The touch 2 tapers along with the screwdriver to create a bridge between them (which is what the power button).

    • The PC starts as if the button is pressed, you can check if turns off again without cable. To remove the evil cut little fair and reconnect the cable or splice in another piece of similar cable if it is too short. Cover wires exposed with insulating tape or use a connector block. Although logically speaking, this should not be your problem as you said that turns off immediately after trying to load Windows, but that it remains for several minutes when using Acronis.
  • The reason may be due to the motherboard to verify the system some expert person so that I can repair it.

I hope you can get a response from those possibilities.

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PC shut down immediately after cold boot


During the cold boot, it shut the computer down before you can view the desktop is possible caused by the settings on the computer.

There is a shutdown command that set the time how long the computer shuts off. This enables you to turn off the computer by the use of command line and any additional commands, functionality and features available on windows.

It has a shutdown syntax command to set how long computer reboots.

An example to this is

-t xx

shutdown -r-c   —-  This shutdown computer within 30 seconds.
shutdown -i     —-  This open remote shutdown dialog on your Windows.

The settings might set that way, and this has to be check. See the link below for command features.


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