Pasting links as HTML makes Word slow

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I am facing problems with copying and pasting bookmarks from other documents as HTML links in a document. The insertion of HTML links like OLE_LINK1, OLE_LINK2 and so on have made my Microsoft Word document very slow.

Whenever I click on the bookmark which points to any other section of the same document, the Word document keeps flashing a message which says that the link location is opening (“Opening…”) and I have to try a number of times to finally open the bookmarked location.

Please let me know if anyone knows why this issue is coming up. A solution will be highly appreciated.

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Pasting links as HTML makes Word slow


I suppose that your PC has gone run out of memory. Maybe the clipboard is full and Word file is a large size file. You need to close any other programs and try this again.

If this situation is not solved there may be a data corruption with MS Word files. The Windows and MS Office must be restored or repaired using Control panel.

This may be a symptom of windows registry damage or virus infection, so take necessary actions to run a full system scan and update the Windows. There may be a conflicting software integration causing this problem.

If you have installed third party software recently, uninstall it and see what happens.

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Pasting links as HTML makes Word slow



I see that you are facing memory issue here, try to see at the right pane of MS Word where the clipboard window is shown, now check if there are a lot of items being copied there from previous works, a lot of clipboard items could slow down your PC or even make MS Word crash.

Here I will teach you how to speed up your PC just one bit if it has very low virtual memory.

  • Right Click My Computer,
  • Click properties,
  • Click Advanced Tab,
  • Click Settings Under Performance Menu.
  • Now on Visual Effects Tab,
  • Click Adjust for best performance radio button
  • Hit Apply then hit Okay.

Your PC speed should improve.

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Pasting links as HTML makes Word slow

  1. Adjust your system for best performance.
  2. Run Reginout Scan.
  3. Update your device drivers.

Should help.


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Pasting links as HTML makes Word slow


As you have mentioned in your post that on clicking on the bookmarks which point to a location in the current document, Microsoft Word keeps flashing messages stating the bookmarked location is open and finally opens the location after a number of attempts, it may be due to the unequal speeds of HTML content and Microsoft Word document.

To understand this better, you must know what copy command exactly does. Whenever a copy operation is performed, the flip-flop memory of the computer saves an imitation of any file, video, audio, picture or even a folder which has to be placed in some other location so difference in speed of HTML content and Microsoft content can cause a problem.

To overcome this problem, just save the file in Microsoft Word format.

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