Password for wireless connection, what do i do?

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My Computer is receiving a signal from another wireless connection. I don’t know the password for that connection but when I try to connect it sometimes it connects sometimes it doesn’t. Then when am surfing using my wireless connection I get certain intervals disconnecting irregularly so I have I have to connect again.

Am wondering why this is happening why does my connect to unknown connection and then when am using my connection it keeps on disconnecting, I will be very grateful for your help.

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Password for wireless connection, what do i do?


You can try few different things to solve problem. 

Wireless connection you receive depends on your proximity to a wireless router and the strength of the router. For example, if you have a wireless router in your living room and you are sitting on the couch, you should have a good connection.

In some locations, there may be several wireless signals in your area. You can view which of these signals is strongest and choose to connect to that network. You should check

1) Position of the Router- If your wireless laptop or tablet is in another room, the signal has to go through walls and other interference before it reaches you.

2) Upgrade your Router- If you've owned the same router for several years, it might be good to go pick up a new one if you want to enhance your wireless network performance. 

3) Avoid placing your wireless devices near reflective surfaces, such as windows, fish tanks or shiny metallic surfaces. The wireless signal can bounce off of these surfaces and cause interference with the other wireless devices in your home.

4) Change the wave frequency on your wireless router by entering the router address in your Internet web browser (this address is usually "") and changing the channel.

You can change the channel to any number between 2.40 and 2.49. Some wireless routers may also have an "Auto" setting in which the router will automatically switch to the channel with the least interference.

I hope that I could help you.

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