Password in a folder in window xp.

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How i can make private folder in win xp or put a password on it. I want to put a password in windows xp.

Please give me an answer in easy way

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Password in a folder in window xp.


1. Go to the location of the folder that you want to add a password and Right click on it and Choose Properties.

2. Visit the sharing tab 

3. Under Local Sharing and security "Tick" the "make this folder Private"

4. Click Apply.(If your user account doesn't have a password,window will pop up and ask to enter a password.If you have a Password in your user account This pop up doesn't appear)


5. Click Yes in pop up(from now on you have to enter your password to log in to the computer)

6. Type your password and confirm it.After that Click the Create Password button

7.Then Click OK in the Properties Dialog box

8. That's it.from now on anyone who try to open your folder requires your password to access.

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Password in a folder in window xp.


The steps for protecting a folder with a password in the windows XP operating system are as indicated below. Note that in case you are using a single account for all users on that particular computer, then the process may be a bit different.

  1. The first step will be to select the folder that you wish to encrypt.
  2. And then you will right-click on the folder and then click on Properties.
  3. You will then click on the Advanced button.
  4. And then you will check the "Encrypt contents to secure data" option.
  5. Once you have finished all that, you will then click Apply, and then Ok.

As simple as that, you will have protected your folder in windows XP with a password.


-Clair Charles


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Password in a folder in window xp.


It is quite simple to make any folder private in window you can do it easily by following some simple steps like.

  1. Select the folder you wish to encrypt.
  2. Right-click the folder and click Properties.
  3. Click the Sharing tab.
  4. Check the box Make this folder private
  5. Click Apply and then Ok.




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