Partitioning a Mac Harddrive? How?

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Hey everyone! Does somebody here knows how to partition to MAC Harddrive? Does the methods in partitioning a non-MAC harddrive applies to MACs? Thanks for the help.

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Partitioning a Mac Harddrive? How?


If you wish to make a new partition on your Mac OS , you don't need anything except the built-in Disk Utility. Ensure that you already make a back up on all your files before you perform the partitioning so in case you will encounter any problems. To add a new hard drive partition, follow the steps below:

1. Start or open the Disk Utility from the Application and then Utlities.

2. On the left pane, choose the drive that you want to partition.

3. Click the Partition tab and then click the + (plus symbol) to add a new partition.

4. Add a name for your partition and then choose the filesystem type. The Extended Journaled is the default name on Mac OS) Enter the size or just choose the capacity by clicking on the slider under the partition map. If you wish to access the partition on Windows PC, choose MS-DOS.

5. Click Apply to create your new partition.



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Partitioning a Mac Harddrive? How?



Hi Mr. David Harrison,

The procedure for partitioning a hard drive in MAC is the same for other non MAC, but the difference is the tools used to perform the operation. As the case in performing any disk operations, it is advisable you backup all your data to avoid loss.

Apart from using the in-built Disk Utility to partition hard drive in MAC OS, you can also use Ipartition software which can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site: After installing the program, open it and follow the procedures below to partition your hard drive:

1.    Select the disk to partition

2.    Click on the ‘New Partition’ option at the top menu

3.    Set the properties of the partition on the right i.e, the file system type, name and the size of the partition.

4.    Click on the ‘Go’ button when done.

5.    Finally, you can format your newly created partition to make it usable.


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