Partition error after using partition magic

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Hi, with partition magic I was trying for fixing the partitions in my laptop. After booting with the recovery disk my main partition is showing ‘bad’ and ‘error 105’. I haven’t found the solutions in the Symantec site. Looking for your help to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks.


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Partition error after using partition magic



The Partition Magic Error 105 is typically a partition table error. I do not know which OS you are currently running, yet Partition Magic is only supporting Windows XP. Thus, you are prone to receive error messages if you are running on Windows & or Windows Vista.

In order to troubleshoot this error, please perform the following actions.

1.    First of all, please execute a virus scan on the partitioned disk.  

2.    Please backup your data on the disk. It is highly advised to store them into your external hard disk.

3.    After that, launch Partition Magic. Go to the  right panel and highlight the counterfeited partitions. On the left toolbar, click 
       on “Delete partition” and select “Apply” button.

4.    Next, highlight the unassigned space on the disk.  Select “Create new Partition” on the left panel. Next , confirm the 
       default settings and then select “Apply”.

5.    Afterward , please resume your backup data on step 2..

6.    Later, go to Start menu on the windows screen and select Program Files. Click on “Norton Partition Magic
        “ folder. Choose “Norton Partition Magic Tools” and then “Partition Info” in order to run a scan for partition errors .
        If you are prompted by warning messages , do ignore them. Instead, the issues are shown in the error messages

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