ParseXYZfile function error on Windows 7 OS

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I am getting this unknown error message using Windows 7 OS when I try to run semantic-debug-idle-function. I am looking for an expert’s advice to resolve the following error message. Please provide a solution to fix this error ASAP. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.

ParseXYZfile Function

Error No.:13

Error Description: Type mismatch

Error Source: Analyzer

Line Number:110

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ParseXYZfile function error on Windows 7 OS


    this error explains itself as to be caused by type mismatch.

Type mismatch occurs when we try to perform a procedure on incompatible data.
For example, if someone tells you to add '5' and 'F', your answer would be I don't know what to do!
Similarly this is caused because you are not using this function on appropriate data.

Please try to run it on that type of data that it is made for.
This will fix this error.
if the problem persists please inform on what type of data are you trying to use this function.
That would be much more helpful in pinpointing the cause of error!

Hope this helps you! 🙂

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