Paragon Backup for OS resulted to error pop up

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When I am executing the ‘Paragon’ backup for backing up the operating system, an error message pops up. I have done the same before without any problem. Please see the screenshot for the error message. Please help me to figure out the problem and resolve it as well. Thanks in advance.

 Backup & Recovery

Operation Failed

VSS: Can’t read volume data.

Error Source: Hard Disk Manager

Error code: 0x12016

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Paragon Backup for OS resulted to error pop up


Hi Myrna,

You may want to try the steps below:

·         Check you windows for the partition where your are trying to back up and boot up;

·         Delete C:archiv_db and run Paragon to recreate the file;

·         Change the settings from VSS to Paragon's hot processing;

·         Try to copy the entire partition having a problem to another folder;

·         Run check disk by typing keys chkdsk with /f key activated to find and fix all errors found on the file system including USB and thumb drives;

·         Try to run a hard disk check;

·         Try to reinstall Paragon Backup and Recovery software using its built in tool to uninstall.


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Paragon Backup for OS resulted to error pop up

One possible way to fix this error is to change the Hot Processing options. Please do the following: 
1. Open Paragon program.
2. Got to Tools > Settings > Hot Processing Options.
3. Check the box beside "Enable Hot Processing".
4. Choose "Paragon Hot Processing" from the "Hot processing technology" drop-down box.
5. Select "Use hot processing only when partition is locked" radio button.
6. Click OK.
You may also try to use Windows Defragment tool:
1. Click Start.
2. Select Computer.
3. Right-click C: drive and click Properties.
4. Click the Tools tab.
5. Click Defragment Now and wait for it to finish.
Check also if you have large files on the C: drive partition, around 1GB or higher. In rare cases, they could cause errors during backup. Try to move files to other partition of your drive.

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