Paper jam error, but no paper was stuck

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There’s a trouble with my printer at home. I have an Epson R240 printer and my little sister encountered a paper stuck issue before. I do not know how she fixed it, but after that, it was already printing fine. After like three days or a week later, the problem is once again back. It is saying Paper jammed when in fact, it is not. I do not know how to remove that error message. Sometimes, it bothers me. I can just ignore it since I can print okay, but I am getting tired of seeing the error message. Anything I can try to stop the error from popping up?

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Paper jam error, but no paper was stuck


Hello Carl,

When that paper jam message appears, it does not actually or literally mean that there is a paper on the printer. It could also mean that something is blocking the paper jam sensor of your printer. So I suggest to check or clean your printer's paper path to take off the dust or debris that causes that error messages. See also your printers manual about the paper jam and how to clean it so you will know the proper way of cleaning the paper path printers.

Another possible reason is maybe you disturbed the sensor flag out of its original place. Perhaps when your sister removed the jammed paper, she pulled the paper hard enough to take the sensor flag off of its place. And that is why when you are printing, the paper doesn't touches the sensor, thus, the machine thinks your paper is jammed, hence, keeps on popping that error message.

Here are some ways to clean your printer or examining the cause of that error messages:                                      

  • Remove the papers from your paper tray.
  • Check the position of the paper rollers. If it is in a different position or falls out of place, push or rotate it so it will be go back to its proper place.
  • Check further if there is any fragments of paper left, or dust, or any debris that fills the sensor, or check if there is any damage. 
  • Check the plastic flap located at the bottom part of the printer, it should be attached to both sides of the printer so it can flap or move up and down.
  • Then close the printer and wait for a few seconds before turning it on.
  • Then try to print test your printer and see if it is already clean and doesn't show the paper jam message again. 

Next time, do not put too much paper on the paper tray as the printer may feed the paper more than one paper and this can also damage the sensor. Also, do not pull the paper out so hard because to avoid damages on your printer. 

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Paper jam error, but no paper was stuck


You can fix the error by checking these points:

  • Check there is no jam in your printer my moving all parts of your printer.
  • Check that the moving parts in the printer are moving smoothly, and there is no jam in them.
  • Check that ink cartridge is fixed properly and is working properly.
  • If in previous paper jam you remove the paper forcefully then there may paper jam sensor error.
  • Align the print cartridge if there are more then one cartridge.
  • See that the right cartridge is plugged in the right side.
  • If the printer is still in warranty then you can replace it by another one or you can call your customer support manager to help you.

I hope this will help you a lot to solve your problem.

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