Page Rank 0. What does it mean?

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I have been running a blog from blog spot for almost 6 months now.

I'm just wondering why my page rank is still 0 while the other have 1-3 even their blogs are new.

I don't really know why I cant level up my page rank.

Can someone tell me why do I still have PR 0?

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I checked my page rank using page checker

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Page Rank 0. What does it mean?


Page rank is based on the importance of a website. like the quality of content, page authority, backlinks, traffic and the importance of keywords.

Google uses very complex and secret equations to calculate the importance of website.

The page rank of your website is the result of different sort of calculations, So the higher your Page Rank, more chance s will be for your website to be found on Google.

If your pagerank is 0 than it means that you should focus on SEO factors of your website, learn the SEO or hire SEO person for better rank of your website.

Also focus on your content, good quality fresh and unique content can increase your chances for better pagerank.

The Google PR (page rank) runs from 0, the worst, to 10 the best.

If your page rank is showing as 0 than it means that you are not listed on Google.


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Page Rank 0. What does it mean?


The page rank is a measure for your website’s popularity. It is calculated by Google and the formula is secret. The idea is the higher you page rank, the better is your web page seen by visitors.

Having a page rank 0 must not discourage you, as every web site starts from there. What you have to do is to promote it in order to get many unique visitors. Either you hire someone specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or you do it yourself. However, the first alternative is usually recommended, because it is not so easy to do such things.

You may have to learn a lot of things about how to improve the rank of a web site to make it more visible and this could require a too long time and know-how you probably do not possess.

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