Package Windows Installer Can’t Continue

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Hello! I just got this problem Apparently, I want to compress my disk space but I abort it after a few second it started due to the reason it is time-consuming. When I uncheck the "compress disk to save disk space". Then the problem i was unable to install "SuddenAttack.msi" which clearly .MSI file extension is used for Windows Installer. The error code is 1307 which is not enough disk space for Window Package. I am sure i had disk space and SuddenAttack should not take more than 800MB of disk space. Can anyone help me to solve this error Please?.

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Package Windows Installer Can’t Continue


This error can occur because of many causes. I will discuss the causes and their solution in detail here. Hope it will help you:

  1. There may be another installer running on your computer. Please close that installer to resolve this issue. May be there is some pending installer open in your windows. Open the task manager to check if there is any and close that first to run this installer.
  2. May be you don’t have up-to-date windows services which are required by this installer. Please download latest window updates to resolve this issue.
  3. May be windows service is disabled at your computer. Enable windows service and install this application.  To enable windows service follow given procedure.

    1. Run msconfig from start menu and then select the service tab.
    2. Check the box which is next to service named Windows.
    3. Restart your computer now.

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