Package installer error on Ubuntu

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Recently, I downloaded Google Chrome Browser using Ubuntu 13.04 and when I attempted to install it an error message appeared which I can’t resolve without your suggestion. I have searched for solution from many forums but I didn’t get any resolution. Please give me idea to fix the following issue. Any help would be grateful. Thanks for everything.


Package installer-google-chrome-stable

Status: Error:Dependency is not satisfiable: libudev0 (>=147)

Version : 26.0.1410.63-r192696

Maintainer : Chrome Linux Team ‹[email protected]

Priority : optional

Section : web

Size : 159356 KiB

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Package installer error on Ubuntu


Resolution 1:

  • Try Installing libudev0 by typing sudo apt-get libudev0 in the terminal.
  • Or you can install it from here: “libudev0” binary package in Ubuntu
  • After installing libudev0, you can try installing the Google Chrome .deb file again.

Resolution 2:

You will need to be sure that you are installing a *dev* build of Chrome. You can also try beta version before resorting to the less stable dev build and see if that will work.



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