Outlook 2010 not working well

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I am working in a company. The problem that I’m facing is that, whenever some person sends me a calendar invite on Outlook 2010 pro, the problem starts from here.

Meaning Exchange Server 2003 sends the error message that, the NDR the message will not be sent to the other users who no longer work in the company.

I have checked all the delegates but find nothing. How I can solve this problem please tell me.
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Outlook 2010 not working well



What usually cause Outlook's problem with calendars is, when the person you are working with is in a different time zone. This brings confusion to Outlook and it may require that a different time zone be set on your Outlook to be able to work well with them.
To correct this, there are three basic issues that you should check and ensure that they are okay. The first is, your computer's clock needs to be set correctly. The second issue is, the computer's local time zone setting should also be correct and thirdly the computer's daylight savings time should be adjusted to reflect the correct setting.
To set the time on the tool's menu click options; go to preferences tab; then to calendar options; move to the advanced options; then go to the time zone; choose a time zone from the dropdown listing; click ok.
After all this process I am sure your calendar will work well.
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Outlook 2010 not working well



You must recreate your mail profile, through the mail.  Go to Control Panel ; then add a new mail profile with deleting the file. Check your server setting if provided an ISP or just go to the email administrator. If not maybe there is an installation damage of the Outlook/Office.  Repair the Office Diagnostic or may be reinstalling the Office/Outlook can resolve the issue.  Backup your Outlook before you proceed the reinstalling Outlook/Office.

§  Help-> Detect and Repair

§  Help-> Office Diagnostics

§  Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs

§  Control Panel-> Uninstall a Program

§  Insert the Office CD/DVD-> run Setup.exe-> choose Repair or uninstall Office completely and then install it again.

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