Out of Memory Error on Windows Vista

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Hello. I got an “Out of Memory” Error when selecting pictures in Pictures folder.

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit OS on my Dell laptop.

I need those pictures since I am working on an online scrapbooking webpage.

Please help me. 

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Out of Memory Error on Windows Vista


The probable causes are:

a. You have too much picture in your picture folder.

b. You have too much unnecessary program install on your computer

c. You have 1GB RAM, but you need 2 GB to work smoothly

d. You are using high regulation images, and as you are working picture after picture, memory is filling up.

My solutions are:

a. Categorize your picture folder and put 50 pictures in each folder.

b. Uninstall the unnecessary programs from your laptop

c. Replace your 1GB RAM with 2GB RAM

d. Save your high resolution picture in medium resolution.

e. Use CCleaner or other memory cleaner programs. These programs will you free your memory often.


Crawly Math

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Out of Memory Error on Windows Vista


It can happen because:

  • You really run out of memory (the file(s) are too large to create a shadow copy before backing up)
  • You do not have enough ram
  • No/Low disk space for the virtual memory file to grow

I presume you are trying to backup the C drive using the built in backup program for windows, so l would suggest that you try running a smaller backup first.

Just select a few small folders and files to see if it can complete that. If it does then try moving up a step and backing up larger files/folders.

If this continues then successfully then try disabling the shadow copy when running the backup and run a large backup (but not the full just to make sure it can complete).

If this all works then try the full backup.

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Out of Memory Error on Windows Vista


Although the problem occurs where users are running Kaspersky security products, it’s a kernel leak that lies at the root of problem (the problem’s not confined to systems running Kaspersky software, that just that this application seems to exacerbate the issue). 

This issue which has been known about for some months by both Kaspersky and Microsoft was reportedly due to be fixed in SP1, however the current beta of Vista SP1 does not contain a patch.

Microsoft have now released a hotfix for the issue (you have to ask for it) which we tried out and can report that it works well to cure the out of memory problem on Vista installations, at least the ones that we could replicate (although the fix cannot be installed on the Vista SP1 Beta).


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