Ought to change mouse pointer.

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I went to a friend's house and used his PC and he has this nice pointer.

He said he will teach me but wasn't able to because he's away for a vacation trip.

So, I hope you can help me with this.

So, will I change my mouse cursor in such a way that the mouse pointer has its trails follow it as it moves?

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Ought to change mouse pointer.


Hi Mike,

To change the appearance of your mouse go to start menu > click control panel.

Here click on the mouse as highlighted in the picture below:

Start menu Click control panel All control panel items Mouse

The following window will appear, click on pointers as shown below:

Mouse properties-click on pointer

Here,you can change your icon of your choice.

Kind regards,


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Ought to change mouse pointer.


I thought you would ask how to create your own mouse pointer.

Adding effects on your mouse pointer is just easy.

Here is a simple guide and try following it:

1. Click Start and then Control Panel.

Start and then Control Panel

2. Click Printers and Other Hardware.

Printers and Other Hardware

3. Click Mouse.

Pick a control panel icon mouse

4. Click Pointer Options tab. Check Display pointer trails and then click OK.

Mouse properties Pointer Options tab Display pointer trails

Your mouse pointer should have a mouse trail now.

Just close the Control Panel and all other dialog boxes when done. You can also change the way your mouse pointer appears or change the appearance of the mouse pointer by using an application called CursorFX.

Try downloading it here

It has many mouse themes to change the way your mouse pointer is displayed on your screen.

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Ought to change mouse pointer.


Hello Mike,

You can change the appearance of your mouse pointer as you like.

If you are using the Windows 7 operating system, use the following procedure:

  • On your desktop, right click and then choose personalize.
  • A box will come up, with it click on Change mouse pointers.
  • You can choose the mouse pointer you want from the list that will appear in the next box.
  • If you find none interesting there, click on browse. You will be given a very long list with a variety of pointers to choose from.
  • Choose one and then click open, then click OK.

You will have successfully changed the mouse pointer.


Lee Hung

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