Other useful tools in Adobe Flash CS4 and good use.

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I am just starting to learn the proper usage of Adobe Flash CS4. I would like to ask what is the purpose of Modifier Panel? How essential it is to my Flash project? What are the attributes that I can use in line and how to properly use it? What is the difference between Paint bucket and Ink bucket tool? When it is best to use the tools? Why gap options are important in Flash project? What are the extensive uses of this tool? How can optimize these tools and also use it in different projects or application?

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Other useful tools in Adobe Flash CS4 and good use.



            The Adobe flash cs4 has step by step through the process of creating the best professional movie. First, we need to learn to create graphics, working in layers, add the motion and add the sound and text the movie. 

            To begin the process we will create the movie. First in flash we have to create movie on the stage and we use the timeline to lay the sequence of the movie. 

            Finally, we use tools to create or modify the text and drawings. So this section familiarizes in flash interface. 

            The grid of horizontal and vertical line is really helpful when we are drawing. The property inspector is a tool helped in creating a movie.

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