Alternative to Blackberry phone that can access MS-Exchange Server

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Howdy Guys,

I'm using Blackberry Bold 9700 ( Onyx ) to access my email in Microsoft Exchange Server. All of my co workers are using Blackberry device as well whether it was Bold or Storm or Javelin or Curve.

Recently I set my eyes on the perfect and beautiful Sony Ericsson Arch ( well in my opinion anyway ) and I was thinking of replacing my Blackberry Bold 9700 with it. The only problem is I don't know if it's going to work accessing Microsoft Exchange Server.

My office doesn't have limitations or prohibit someone using mobile device other than blackberry as long as it can connected to our email server. And that makes me thinking of Microsoft Exchange Server. Does it have any limitations at all about what kind of device can be connected to it ? One of my co workers from different office branch in fact using HTC instead of Blackberry and it works fine according to him. And another co workers using Motorola can access Microsoft Exchange Server as well. I don't know the type of HTC or Motorola they're using but it makes me hoping that Sony Ericsson can be used to access Exchange Server as well. 

Please let me know if it can be done.




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Alternative to Blackberry phone that can access MS-Exchange Server


Other alternative than blackberry


Microsoft exchange server technology is designed to work on both online services and premises. the server has  different  varieties of platforms i.e. Microsoft exchange server 2010,Microsoft exchange server 2007 and Microsoft exchange server 2003 which provide e-mail and tools for collaboration ,environment for messaging ,simplifies deployment management and faster returns on development tools and investment. Hence making   it easy to manage work environment both in office and on traveling Journeys becoming the benchmark for low cost ownership.


There are other different devices that can be used instead of blackberry. These devices include:

Microsoft windows mobile and windows phone

Due to the release of windows 5AKU2 termed as direct push technology a feature of Microsoft exchange 2003, messaging and security features are now executable applications. The phone is allowed to query the exchange server every half an hour. Device has changing IP or traverse NAT/proxy as polling interval done by subscriber with wireless phone account. Versatility is obtained by plug in from Emansio which enables any public email providers or email server that support imap-idlepush mail

Nokia (E series smartphones, the N series and newer version S60)

Most nokia devices support the mail for exchange software which can actively be synchronized with Microsoft exchange server. Global address lookup, sync contacts list, pushed mail are all allowed by nokia smartphones due to version 2 0f mail exchange software.

Sony Ericsson

Most Sony ericsson ((M600, P990, W950, P1, W960, W995, G900, G700)  like other cybershot phones  (K810, K850, C510, C905,J105i)uses  imap  idle to push e-mail. therefore can synchronize well with Microsoft server through build in active sync client

Motorola (Powered by android)

Android s uses g-mail to synchronize with the phone. it support  Microsoft exchange accounts. Where email arriving to Microsoft exchange inbox is pushed to the device. The recent mails like hotmail are configurable for android to push through smartphones to the default mail application. They have third party application (K-9 mail) which provides imap push support.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

They can synchronize email, contacts and calendars with a Microsoft exchange server. Most apple devices have mobile me which is used for push e-mail, contacts it allows users set multiple exchange to actively sync accounts. Business can wirelessly configure setting through deployment option as support device management. Business can use Wi-Fi and 3g to distribute application


 There are many companies in the world that produces mobile devices with application software that can support email pushing and synchronization. One can configure mobile phone with appropriate software’s   to use active sync from Microsoft  exchange server therefore one does not need to depend on blackberry alone.


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Alternative to Blackberry phone that can access MS-Exchange Server


Other alternatives than blackberry.

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