Orkut Windows mobile 5 stopped working since update.

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I have windows 5 mobile and was using Orkut windows mobile 5, but I updated app to latest version and since then it’s not working properly. Does anybody know the reason of this issue and how to resolve this? Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Orkut Windows mobile 5 stopped working since update.


Hello Brett,

If the problem you are getting started occurring immediately after you performed the update, then it is most likely that the updated version of the Orkut is not supported on the Windows 5 mobile.

  • You will need to therefore check the specs of Windows 5 mobile and verify if it supports the version of Orkut that you updated to.
  • If it is not supported you will need to downgrade to the version that you had before.
  • But if the version is supported, there might have been a problem during the upgrade and therefore I will recommend that you retry it.

Hope this helps.



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