Oracle.addDatabase(“QOCI8”); // for an Oracle database

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Hi experts,

This is the first time that I got this error:

oracle.addDatabase("QOCI8"); // for an Oracle database

Output: QSqlDatabase: QOCI8 driver not loaded
Output: QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLLite

I'm a newbie and have no time to play with it. I guess I need to configure something in here. There's no oracle database online class I can find.

Versions: Oracle 10g 
                  JDK 1.6 
                  Tomcat 6 

Any help would be appreciated as this is a very annoying problem because I can't even find out what the problem is. I've spent hours and hours to fix this and still got no success.

Thank you.

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Oracle.addDatabase(“QOCI8”); // for an Oracle database



This problem occurs when there is complication problem. Either you have not compiled the oracle driver of QT or you forgot to compile the oracle Drive of QT.

Few are tips which might help you-

1) First Compile it and see whether it is working or not. Query for completion is:-

Qt driver was compiled by executing the following commands inside the plugins/src/sqldrivers/ocisubfolder of the Qt installation:
qmake –o Makefile oci.pronmake

2) Check that you included the QT binaries in the 'path' environment variable:
example value: C:Qt4.2.3bin;

3) If again you are getting the problem then configure it. Take help of Configure help. Restart the computer after you configure it. 

Thanks & Regards,
Mark Spencer.

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