Oracle database configuration assistant error ORA-24324

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Hi experts,

This Error appears when I want to install Oracle on my PC. I have downloaded the installer from the official Oracle website and is not working. If the installer from the official website is not working I don’t think that another installer will work. Can you provide me a good installer of Oracle. Why this one is not working ?

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Database configuration assistant

ORA-24324: service handle not initialized.

ORA- 24323: value not allowed

ORA-28547: connection to server failed. Probable Oracle Net admin error.

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Oracle database configuration assistant error ORA-24324

To solve the issue,
1- To solve ORA-24324 error: It happens when you try to startup the same SQL Plus that you have shutdown from. Try to exit and re-enter SQL*Plus between shutdown and startup.
2- To solve ORA-24323 error: Verify all mandatory parameters are initialized.
3- To solve ORA-28547 error: You need to check Oracle Net administration:
– Make sure the client connection to the ORACLE server uses the valid server name ( SID ) when using TNSNAMES.ORA
– LISTENER.ORA  on the connection end point should refers to the correct server.
– The connect string should not contain (HS=) in TNSNAMES.ORA or the equivalent service.

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