Ora 00333 Redo Log Error Block Solved

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While using my machine I was working on multiple databases, which hung up my system and I had to shut down the machine forcefully due to which my database crashed and I am receiving the error ora00333 redo log error block. How can I overcome this situation?

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Ora 00333 Redo Log Error Block Solved


Firstly, you have to mount your database to overcome this problem. Follow these steps to mount.

SQL> startup

This will produce the following output:”ORACLE instance started => overall machine’s Area => restricted Size => irregular Size => gathered data analysis => repeating the analysis => Database mounted.”

Now, Since the database is in deployment mode, we can query v $ log & v $ logfile to determine the state of the log file group and its member and then, Restore the database with the backup control file. Specify the log file ‘CURRENT’ member with As input. If that does not work, specify other members of the file. Open the database with the log file reset. This will solve the issue.

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