Optimum size of the images I can insert in PowerPoint?

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What is the optimum size I can do insert in Microsoft PowerPoint so that all the TVs and different projectors and laptops with different screens can reliably present good looking slides and nice experience for the end user. I cannot simply increase the quality of the image alone. I have to fix on the optimal option for the pixels, vertical and horizontal, of the image when used to display on full screen. I display only images and no text or tables will be there in slides. Thank you

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Optimum size of the images I can insert in PowerPoint?



Considering the best optimum size that can be used and incorporated into your MS PowerPoint document or file to be presented on screen or projectors, you need to know that the pixilation size of the images or pictures that occupy the entire slide should have an equal resolution of the screen or projector serving as an output device. Such as, your monitor which is your output device is set to a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels high, so will you set your full-slide pictures and images to. However, for a highly detailed image like maps, text and other special characters will look better when you set the resolution higher than the norm, but remember not go the extreme so as not to make your PowerPoint document too large as a result of the lager images or pictures.

Here are a few steps to help you calculate the size of your intend image or picture to use in your Ms PowerPoint.

1. You can draw a rectangle for instance

2. To display the Formatting Dialogue Box, double-click on the rectangular shape drawn.

3. Select the size tab of the Formatting dialogue box by clicking on it

4. Make sure your dimensional sizes are in inches. However, you can divide the units by 2.5 to get inches (unit) if it happens to be in centimetres. Example: 1cm = (1÷2.5) to get inches.

5. You can then multiply the resulted dimensions in cm by 110 to know the real size in pixels in creating your image and pictures

Please remember that these steps below also if you do want to know how to check your screen resolution of your Pc monitor.

1. Right-click on any empty space on the screen of the desktop

2. Select Properties

3. Select the Settings tab in the Display Properties dialogue box.

4. The Current setting will be displayed under the Screen Rosolution

5. Set your screen to the highest possible and recommended size screen by your PC.

Thank you

Brenda Cruise.

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