Operations On Directories Like Change Active Directory Name

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What is the active directory, and what are the types of group scope in it? What is the Active Directory Domain Service? How to change active directory name?

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Operations On Directories Like Change Active Directory Name


Active Directory is a collection of objects that are like users and groups, services, recourses. It is a centralized repository. It is the software to arrange, store information, provides access and permissions based on that information. It arranges all the network users, Computers, and other objects into logical, hierarchical groups. For the computer and resources which are the part of the network the active directory authentication is used.

Types of group scope in Active Directory:-

● Global
● Domain local
● Local
● Universal

All the computers are connected through switches called workgroup mode; here we have to manage all computers individually. To make the work simple, we can connect the Active Directory server. So with the help of active directory domain services, we can make the changes on the server, which can reflect all the other computers. All information of the user like username, passwords are stored on the active directory domain.

Steps to change active directory name:-

1. First, create the zone in the DNS the give the zone name as what you want to change the domain name.

2. Now run the command prompt as the administrator. Type the rendom/list

3. Then go to the directory where your domain list resides.

4. Now open the domain list file and replace the DNS name by the name which you want to give.

5. Now save the file.

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