The operation completed successfully; error on installing add-on

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I am working at home for my layout in interior designing. When I found out that I don't have some ornaments, I installed some add-on.

While on the process of installing it, an error message pops up and said the "The operation completed successfully",

Wwhen  I tried to use the add-on, its is not available since it meets some error while installing.


The operation completed successfully.

I wonder why it said successfully, its not. I first blame on the installer, when I try to install it with my other computer, it was installed successfully without any error. What I did is cleaned the DVD drive, in the hope it might just be some dust that bumps the installer, but same error appeared.

Can somebody give me advice on this weird error message. 


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The operation completed successfully; error on installing add-on


Dear Jerrytoms,

During the process of installation, an error message pops up “the operation completed successfully” not clear that installation was completed successfully. This error shows that there are some error or compatibility issue with your operating system and add-on.

There is a possible solution of said error:

Download fresh add-on from Internet and install it, do not use your DVD. It is possible that add-on which you have on your DVD not compatible with your operating system, while same program running on your other machine fine.

Take Care,


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