“Operating System could not be found”

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My desktop has refused to work. This is because whenever you attempt to start it the screen goes blank and the only thing displayed is a message stating that the operating system could not be found. I have tried to reboot it with a Windows 2003 disk and also tried configuring BIOs but all these efforts were to no avail. This really gets me to frustration. Anyone who has an idea that can help? I shall be really thankful.

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“Operating System could not be found”


That problem may be occurring because the operating system has been corrupt. It could have been attacked by a virus that corrupted some important DLL files that are required for the operating system to work properly. And therefore as a resolution to that problem, I will suggest that you do the following:

  • If you have an antivirus on your computer, make sure that it is updated and then perform a full system scan of your computer so as to find any malware that may be causing that problem and remove them.
  • You may be forced to reinstall the operating system to fix any bugs that may be developed in it in case the workaround above does not offer much help.

-Lee Seen


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