Opera using lot of system memory

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Hi Guys,

I am using Opera from long time. At home, I disable all email and newsgroup features by using the switch opera.ini so that it will not load any add-ins. In my office, I didn't disable this, but noticed ~60MB of memory footprint.

Why it is taking that much memory? Is there a way to reduce this? Anybody noticed this one? Please kindly advise. Thank you so very much guys!

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Opera using lot of system memory


Unfortunately, there is no effective method in reducing the amount of RAM that Opera uses. If there are add-ons or extensions installed, you can try to deactivate them, or uninstall them.

But the logic behind Opera's RAM eating habit is that as long as there is unused RAM in the system, the browser will use it. This idea was implemented because the developers thought about the browsing experience: the browser will try to load as many elements as possible so that the browsing experience will be as fluid as it goes, by not constantly loading into RAM new elements, rather retaining them in the unused RAM until the browser is closed.

The simplest solution is backing up all your browser data, uninstall it, and then reinstall it. But i guarantee there will be no difference. If by any chance, the browser will use 70% of remaining RAM, and the operating system needs 50% of remaining RAM for another application, the browser will automatically free up 20% of the remaining RAM so that it does not bottleneck the entire PC unit.


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