OpenSuse Beta 12.2 available ?

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Where can we download openSuse linux 12.2 ?

Is there any official website for this ?

What additional features does it provide compared to 12.1 ?

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OpenSuse Beta 12.2 available ?


Hi there,

SUSE formerly known as SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional is one of the company's Novell Linux distro, or more precisely of its subsidiaries Suse Linux GmbH (Software-und System-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Nürnberg which means that development-and-software system).

SUSE Linux distributions Slackware was originally a German translation. There is no official information saying that SuSE associated with the German computer scientist Konrad Zuse because the pronunciation of the same name.

There are two main SUSE Linux distro that is currently active :

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise: SLE is an open source solution from Novell for large companies.
  • openSUSE: a community project, sponsored by Novell, tailored for home users.

One major advantage of the OpenSUSE Linux distributions other than the completeness of the library and an abundance of Software that is included.

Here is new Opensuse 12.1 roadmap:

  • 9 February – Milestone 1
  • 3 March – Milestone 2
  • 5 April – Milestone 3
  • 26 April – Milestone 4
  • 24 May – Beta 1
  • 14 June – Release Candidate 1
  • 28 June – Release Candidate 2
  • July 6 – Gold Master
  • 11 July – 2.12 Final Release

You can download new OpenSUSE Linux Distribution from their official website here :

New Additional features :

  • Latest Free Desktops introduce color management, GNOME Shell and more
  • GNOME Shell is improved and refined
  • KDE introduces Oyranos, Apper and Plasma Active
  • Supporting Cloud technologies
  • Improved distribution technology
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OpenSuse Beta 12.2 available ?


Of course, there is an official home page for openSUSE. To get to know more about openSUSE and to get the download, visit openSUSE Linux Official Page. The main page shows the different links where you can download the latest version, openSUSE 13.2. openSUSE is a free Linux-based operating system for PC, laptop, and also for server.

Like other operating systems, you can use it to surf the web, access and manage your email messages, play media files like music and videos, and more. It is created ahead of the open source Linux kernel and is distributed with application software that came from other open source projects. openSUSE is also called SUSE Linux and is originally German but mainly developed in Europe.

It is basically an acronym used for “Software und System-Entwicklung” which means “software and systems development” in English. Its very first version was released in early 1994 making it one of the oldest existing commercial distributions. Gesellschaft für Software und System Entwicklung mbH or Lit. Society for Software and System Development was founded in Nuremberg, Germany on September 2, 1992 by Burchard Steinbild, Roland Dyroff, Hubert Mantel, and Thomas Fehr.

When it was founded, Thomas Fehr had already graduated from school and was already working as a software engineer while the other 3 were still mathematics students at a university.

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