Open Drawing Error were found and fixed in the drawing

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While I was working on a project my laptop restarted. For the moment I thought that I can continue from the last save but this ERROR appeared and messed up my entire project. PLEASE help me to recover my project from the last save ! What should I do ?

Thank you experts !

Open Drawing – Damaged File

The drawing file was recovered.

Error were found and fixed in the drawing. Invalid data might have been changer or deleted, and some previously erased objects might have been restored.

Error found: 33

Error fixed: 33

Objects erased: 0

Review the information above and inspect the drawing before saving it.


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Open Drawing Error were found and fixed in the drawing


I’m not sure if you can still recover the file completely if you only have one copy of it and you don’t create or save backup files. The message is actually not an error just like what you are thinking. The dialog box only wants to inform you that when you opened the file, the application tried to recover your project and was able to find 33 errors in the file.

And out of those 33 errors, 33 errors were also successfully fixed which means all errors found were fixed. It also says that the program didn’t delete any objects in the file while it was being recovered and I think you are lucky if this is really true. That’s why the application suggests that you open the file again and inspect if there is a change in your work.

Most of the time, recovered files are not recovered perfectly. Sometimes there are changes in the file when you open them like in a Microsoft Office Word document you may find different symbols or characters appended on one of the paragraphs. If there is no change in your work and the file is perfectly intact, remember to always create a backup copy.

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