OneNote needs to setup before sending

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Hi friends,

When I attempt to open the OneNote application from the outlook express, I am getting this warning message. There is no problem while installing the OneNote application. Why I am getting this error? Do I need to launch it before calling from outlook? What might be the reason? Guide me to find the solution.

OneNote needs to set itself up before you can send to it. Please run OneNote and then try sending again.

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OneNote needs to setup before sending


From the description, it looks that you are facing this problem while you are trying to use Meeting Notes features from Outlook. To solve this issue:

1. Restart the computer.

2. Run and close OneNote & try to use Meeting Notes features from Outlook & next verify the result.

After that if issue still persists, try to fix the Office suit. To fix Office suit follow these steps”

  • Windows 7

1. Click Start menu >>Control Panel>>All Programs>>Programs and Features.

2. Click on “Office Program”>> click on “Change”.

3. Do one of the this:

a) In Office 2010, select “Repair”>> “Continue”

b) In Office 2013, click on “Quick Repair/Online Repair.”

  • Windows 8

1. Click on Windows logo key + x

2. Select “Program” and Features”.

3. Click on the “Office program”>> select “Change”.

4. Do one of this:

a) In Office 2010, Select “Repair”>>”Continue.”

b) In Office 2013, Select “Quick Repair/Online Repair.”

5. Restart your PC.

If that doesn’t work out,

a) Go to the following location:

Windows 32bit:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15Office 15

C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office 15ClentX86RootOffice15.


Windows 64bit:

C:Program Files(x86)Microsoft Office 15Office 15

C:Program Files(x86)Microsoft Office 15ClentX86 or ClientX64RootOffice15.

b) Find out “ONENOTE” or “ONENOTE.EXE”.

c) Right-click on it and select “Properties”.

d) From the “Compatibility” tab, select “Run the program as an administrator”, “Apply” and “OK”.


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OneNote needs to setup before sending


After installing Office OneNote, it will automatically create a notebook for you. You can create new notebooks as many as you want. To create a new notebook, in Office OneNote, click File, New, and then select an option where you want the notebook to be created. You can select between OneDrive and Computer or select another location. Microsoft recommends creating the notebook on OneDrive or another shared location.

After creating the new notebook, it will appear in your list of notebooks. Now, if that error was thrown because you want to share a notebook with other people maybe your friends, here’s how to properly do it. To share your notebook with others, you can generate a sharing link. It will allow others to view or edit your notebook.

If other users also forwarded your link to another person, he or she will also be able to view the notebook. To create a shareable link, in Office OneNote, click File, Share, and select “Get a Sharing Link”.

Next, select Create Link. This allows the notebook to be viewed or edited using the link.

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